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13th June 2024 

About Counselling

I endeavour to see people as individuals in their own right, respecting them for their uniqueness irrespective of how other's see them, recognising those hurt through painful life experiences may hold a negative view of themselves which prompts them to seek counselling.

I believe strongly in the possiblity of growth and change.

I provide an accepting, warm safe place where the client can be themself without judgement, valued for who they are.

I see counselling as enhancing the value of life by means of a deeper understanding of what it means to be human and as responding to the tragedies and opportunities that arise in the course of a lifetime.

Through the process of counselling the client can come to a deeper understanding of self and thereby begin to move forward in their life.

Self understanding and insight leads to informed choices and to feeling calmer and in control.

My counselling approach is integrative drawing on person centred, psychodynamic, psychosynthesis, existential and transpersonal theory.

Integrative counselling is not linked to just one particular therapeutic approach, it draws on specific therapy types most suited to the client in their particular situation.

Working in this way I aim to provide therapy most suited to your individual needs.

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